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Midnight Margaritas

In Mouthy Broad, Q & A on June 28, 2011 at 8:38 am

Back on Countless, littlechef asked me what my favorite guilty pleasure movie is.

Do I have to pick just one?

Actually, the very first movie that came to mind was Practical Magic, with Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman. I love Sandra. Always have. But I really haven’t ever liked anything Kidman has ever done, except for this movie.

It’s cheesy and silly and sweet and all about sisters and female family traditions and jerky exes. And the “midnight margarita” scene cracks me up every. single. time.

I love it.

Not to mention it’s Stockard Channing, with whom I have been in an idolatrous relationship since I was a little girl.

Every time I watch this movie, I want to move immediately to the Pacific Northwest and open a funky little boutique in a small town. It always makes me miss my sister, no matter how much she’s driving me crazy at any given moment. Yeah, the girlpower, you-can’t-run-from-who-you-are plotline is heavy handed, but it’s sweet. And the acting is awesome.

You’ll never get me to admit it again, but I have a soft spot for chick flicks like this one.

Before Practical Magic came along, my answer would have been either Steel Magnolias or Dirty Dancing. I love Steel Magnolias for some of the same reasons that I love Practical Magic – all those women wrapped up in each others’ lives. Plus, I grew up in that town, surrounded by that same bunch of hens. Dolly Parton’s character, the hairdresser, cracks me up. I’m beyond grateful that in Hollywood’s current dearth of ideas (hence all the remakes) they haven’t started trying to tackle any of the movies that I really loved.

Wait. There’s a new Footloose coming out, isn’t there?

*sigh* Nevermind.

Yes, I confess. I have a handful of chick flicks that are my guilty pleasure movies. They are my old friends. They are the movies I want to curl up and watch when I don’t feel good and can’t concentrate and just want something cozy and familiar around me. I’ve seen them all 84,000 times, and will probably watch them at least that many more.

Happy Tuesday, sweets!

  1. I have so many! When Harry Met Sally, Pretty Woman, A Mirror Has Two Faces, The Princess Diaries, Pretty in Pink, etc. etc. etc. I’m a sucker for a chick flick. And let’s not forget Mamma Mia! or He’s Just Not That Into You.


  2. Nice choices! Haha. And I told you I’d tell you mine, which also fall into the chick flick spectrum. Legally Blond, which is hands down my go to movie when I’ve had a nasty day and just need to feel better. Because I Said So, mainly because there are days where I’m just as awkward and incoherent as Mandy Moore’s character. Also the movie takes place in my part of LA and when I’m homesick it makes me happy. Last, 10 Things I Hate About You. Heath Ledger was adorable and being the literature nerd that I am I can’t help but to love Shakespeare being interpreted to produce a romantic comedy.

  3. Yessss, Practical Magic!! It’s one of my all-time favorites too! Maybe I’ll watch it today…

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