Only Partly Uncensored


In Mouthy Broad on November 22, 2011 at 7:49 pm

Sometimes, everything just comes together and feels exactly right.

We’ve had a tough few months since school started for Sharkman. He’s not happy there, and it’s affecting all of us. To be honest, it’s been a grueling fall.

But tonight, the kid and I went grocery shopping after we dropped Rhett off at his truck. He won’t be with us this year for Thanksgiving (ah, the joys of divorced parenting). It works out okay though, because he’ll be home Sunday. Due to ridiculous work schedules dictated by the transportation industry and Black Friday, we aren’t doing our little dinner until Saturday. Translation: Sharkman gets to be home for every single day of awesome holiday leftovers!

Anyway, we were at that place that I fondly refer to as the Fourth Circle of Hell, aka the grocery store, getting all the fixings. Well, except the turkey, which I got earlier this week after much prompting nagging reminding by Rhett. Aisle after aisle, we bumped into Sharkman’s buddies from football, coworkers of mine, family friends, and fellow moms with kids in tow.

It reminded me of how much I love living in a small town, around those moments that I hate it.

Then, we went to unload the cart in the pickup, and looked up to see the last glowing moments of a truly spectacular sunset. I smiled, and pointed it out to Sharkman. We chatted on the way home about how fun it was to people-watch and run into so many people who hugged us in the middle of the aisles.

By the time we got home, I had texts waiting for me from extended family that I don’t get to see, ever, and don’t get to talk to nearly often enough. While we put all the holiday yummies away, I got to talk to my sister/daughter/friend and hear about her life, and her beautiful baby girl (whom I miss every minute), and catch up on happenings that I hate missing. We made a Skype date for later.

Once we hung up, I had more texts waiting for me from a new friend who really seems like she’s going to be a good one, wanting to make plans for the kidless moments over the weekend that I won’t be working. We’re going to go do girl stuff, I think.

Dinner and laundry and loading the dishwasher later, I kicked my feet up on the couch to watch the finale of Dancing With the Stars. (Shut up, it doesn’t count as reality TV because I watch as a former dancer.) I listened to Sharkman bopping around the house, singing Gaga’s Born This Way, which made me smile. And then, two dances in, I got to see our Lady Antebellum performing with professional dancers.

This, my lovelies, is a damn good night, and a damn good life.

What an awesome way to be reminded to be thankful.


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