Only Partly Uncensored


In Surviving on November 6, 2014 at 8:22 am

It’s just insane, how quickly time passes. Monday to Thursday is a blink, and then, before you’ve even registered that three and a half days have flown by, it’s Friday and you have to add another full day to the total count!

I can’t keep track anymore.

It’s impossible to think that it’s been four years since we moved back here, that our fifth anniversary is right around the corner (because six months is right around the corner), that there’s a gaping maw of history behind today. I know I lived through every one of those days. I was there, obviously. But what on earth has happened?

My grandmother told me once, when I was young, that the days drag on, but the years fly by. I think she was only half right. I think that everything flies by. You get so consumed by doing the next thing that needs doing, the seconds and minutes and hours just vanish. You think there’s all the time in the world to accomplish Task A. Then you get distracted by Task B, which comes up from nowhere and is so infinitely more pressing. Before you know it, Task A has fallen by the wayside, and it’s just too late to pick it up again.

Or maybe that’s just me, and an optical illusion generated by a semi-twisted mind.

Sharkman brought home some kind of evil stomach virus on Tuesday and then shared it with the household, which had me incapacitated and unable to think all of yesterday. Today is Thursday – Thursday, can you imagine – and my entire week seems out the window.

It’s finally cooling off and turning into what passes for fall here. The leaves don’t change colors; they just drop from the trees. The sun shifts position just enough to change the color of the skies, and reduce the temperature to something that approximates a change in season. This will last for three weeks, maybe, and then we’ll be into freezing temperatures and blustering winds that peel the skin and leach the heat from your bones. Before we know it, Christmas will be on us, and then New Year, and then birthdays and Valentine’s Day and the madness of the Little League pre-season.

What a strange cycle to be caught in.


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